WC - Can You See the End of the Claim?


Westfield is a knowledgeable resource you can count on.

Workers’ compensation is a long tail line. Westfield’s long-term vision and expertise, paired with collaborative planning and timely deployment of resources, is the key to innovative solutions and the best workers’ compensation claim outcomes.

Westfield is an outcome-based workers’ compensation claims organization. We strive to help each of your injured employees recover and return to work and normal life as quickly and safely as possible. We do so by deploying industry leading programs and resources at the right time in each claim.

Westfield Workers’ Compensation Toolbox

There are many defining moments in each workers’ compensation claim in which the Westfield team can make a difference for your injured worker and for your business. The Westfield workers’ compensation toolbox is full of programs and resources to help you take a proactive and effective approach to your workers’ compensation program. Learn more on these pages or by contacting Westfield Insurance.


"The moment I realized how serious my injury was I began to worry about everything, my family, my job, my home and my health. … From the beginning you have been there every time I needed help. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! … You made me feel as if you only had me to worry about. You made sure I was being treated properly…. I can’t express how thankful I am that you were there for me since the very first day of my injury. Many, many, many thank yous."

-Injured employee of a Westfield Workers’ Compensation Customer

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