WC - Best Back® Program


Innovative outcome-based approach for high risk back injuries

More than 25% of all workers’ compensation claims involve back injuries.1 The impact for employers and for the insurance industry is a cost of ten to fourteen billion dollars annually with a resulting one hundred million lost work days per year.2 Our outcome-based approach to workers’ compensation focuses on helping each of your injured employees recover from their work injury and return to work and normal life as quickly as possible. Our partnership with Best Doctors® allows us to work with top medical experts to develop and implement customized and comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation strategies.

That partnership led to a unique collaboration in 2008 to create an innovative approach to promote the best possible outcome on high risk back injuries. By deploying expert physician resources early, the program supports timely diagnosis and treatment of back injuries.

Program features and results3 include:
  • Nurse triage of back injuries to identify high risk cases
  • Access to rehabilitation and surgical experts for consultation and treatment
  • Confirmed interpretation of diagnostic test results as well as confirmed diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Surgical rate of only 12% on high risk cases
  • Return to work rate exceeding 80% on surgical and high risk cases
  • Average return to work less than 16 weeks post-surgery
  • No failed back syndrome diagnoses

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1 US Department of Labor
2 Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor
3 Based on program results through three years post implementation

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