Minnesota Workers' Compensation E-billing Information


The following information is being provided pursuant to Section 1 of House File 2193 subdivision 7a in MN ST s 176.135.

The Name and ID # of each clearinghouse with which Westfield Insurance has an agreement to exchange or transmit electronic transactions:

Rising Medical Solutions Billing Clearinghouse
NAMEWorkCompEDI, Inc.
ID NUMBER20-5367462

Information about how a health care provider can obtain the claim number assigned by Westfield Insurance for an employee’s claim and how the provider should include the claim number when submitting a bill:
Westfield Insurance Contact Information

All HFCA 1500 and UB92 billing forms should be submitted with associated medical documentation. The claim number must be on all documents. If you are unaware of the correct claim number, please obtain from the injured worker or by contacting Westfield Insurance as outlined above.

The name, phone number, and email address of contact persons who can answer questions concerning electronic transactions on behalf of Westfield Insurance:
Rising Billing Clearinghouse
CONTACTProvider Support

Rising Medical Solutions
CONTACTCustomer Relations

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