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Agent Eric Moore of Sebring, Florida
“This is why I sell Westfield Insurance: One of my insureds had a small kitchen fire. Westfield handled the claim very quickly and paid about $9,000. When I followed up with the insured, he told me: “Mike Bader and the Westfield company were wonderful to work with! I never had to deal with insurance issues, but had heard some horror stories. But NOT true! Thanks for getting me quality companies and please share this!”
Customer Dave Lykins from Indiana
When I learned that a claim filed by my company, Lykins Contracting Inc., had been denied, I demanded a meeting with the claims department. My operations chief and I met with Steve St. Clair and policy agent Kevin Krekeler. At the outset of the meeting, I told Steve I did not trust insurance people, which he thanked me for this candor. We talked at length about intentional acts with a comparison to my company’s trench digging for a basement (intentional act), which was too close to a wall in that the wall lost lateral support and failed (not an intenional act). That claim was covered. Steve also shared with me a boring operations case in which Westfield followed all procedures correctly but the law was written in such a way the underground utilities had all the benefits of the law. Steve believed they could prove they were at least 99 percent guilt-free, but could not get the last 1 percent to protect the insured. We also talked about the benefits of practices and procedures — to make sure there is a guideline that is enforced across the board uniformly; if not, there is a risk of claim for selective enforcement which might make things worse than if there were no guidelines. I told Steve I wanted him to handle all my claims, to which he responded that I would not have my most skilled operator working in open areas. I would use my more skilled operators on the more difficult jobs — Westfield is the same way; the litigation claims are more complex requiring additional knowledge to handle and resolve. Overall, the meeting went very well. I sincerely thanked Steve for taking the time to drive to my location near Cincinnati to share his knowledge. I told him I had never sat down before with a claims person to understand the claims process. I now have a much better understanding of the complexities of claims handling and even though a person might have done everything “right,” I see that you may still have to make payment to conclude litigation.
Customer Dawn Lippert from Ohio
“I just want to give a shout out to Westfield Insurance. Here’s my experience: I was driving, hit a deer and wasn't sure what to expect for my claim. My agent, Karen, and the adjuster, Bernadette, were amazing. By the end of the same day, the outside adjuster had looked at the car and parts were already being ordered. It's hard to find good customer service today, and even harder to find amazing service. Thanks for making a truly awful experience so much easier to handle!”
Customer from Pennsylvania
“I received the final check for the work performed due to the hail damage. Thank you, Derek Groff, for all your time and effort in this matter. You are very professional and a good person to deal with. Hopefully, we will never have another insurance claim on the house. If we do, we would request you as the claims rep. All the best to you and your family.”
Customer Bryan from Pennsylvania
“I would like to thank Ken Gramo for his quick response to my claim and taking time out of his vacation to respond. I will look forward to getting the checks and having this mess (literally) behind us. Ken has been nothing short of ‘above and beyond’ when it came to this process. Thanks again! Bryan
Customer James Koenig from Ohio
“I wanted to compliment your adjuster, George Turnbull, in the settlement of my claim. I had never met him, and we set up an appointment where he could assess the damage while my car was parked at work. George said he would contact me later that day regarding my options, which he did. We agreed upon a fair settlement, and I received my check promptly.”
Customer Kevin Kramer from Indiana
“I have been a Westfield policy holder for about 30 years. My agent is Richard Brown. Our family has had little need for claim services during those years, but that all changed this April when my son was involved in an accident with a pedestrian. I would like to express how well our claim was handled, particularly by your claims specialist, Mark Byler. I found Mark to be knowledgeable, prompt, professional, informative and thorough. It was very reassuring having him handling our claim. I am very pleased to encounter these qualities in an associate at Westfield Insurance. Although I hope we never again have the need for his services, I highly recommend him for the quality of service he provides. It was unfortunate that we had a claim, but the response from our agent and Westfield Insurance reinforces my belief that we have been doing business with the right people all these years. Please extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone in your company who provides the peace of mind I look for in my insurance company.”
Customers Dan and Nancy Rydland from Chanhassen, Minnesota
“My wife Nancy and I would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Westfield for being there for us after a bathroom water problem in February. We had returned from a wonderful winter vacation on Feb. 6 with a feeling of euphoria from a fun-filled week together and returning to our cozy home. But it quickly turned into a feeling of shock followed by a sick feeling in our stomachs when we discovered a mess caused by running water. Our primary shutoff valve didn’t completely shut off the water supply, even though I had fully turned it to the point of fearing I would break it off. This resulted in the upstairs bathroom faucets and shower, which were open slightly to drain them, dripping hot water during our entire time away. We didn’t feel much better until talking with Craig Ulness, our Westfield claims adjuster, and hearing him say, ‘Don’t worry, you’re covered. We’ll take care of this for you.’ I want you to know how much we appreciated his kindness, sincerity and professionalism as he took care of our claim and us. I hope you understand how important it is to have a company like Westfield and people like Craig supporting people in times of trial similar to what my wife and I faced. We know it wasn’t a devastating catastrophe — overall, we are lucky and blessed people, and we know it. But, still it was a blow that knocked us over — this was our worst home problem ever. Craig was there for us and took some of the pain away. We won’t forget it. He is truly good at what he does and I thought you should know. Thank you Westfield! Thank you Craig!
Customer Amber Gibbs of Ohio
“I want to thank Melissa Goodell for all her help. She and Westfield Insurance have made this experience so much better than it could have been. Westfield has yet to disappoint me, and I hope to be a customer of theirs for many more years to come.”
Customer David Karapetian
“I want to thank Molly Niswander to tell her we received the check and are quite pleased with how this claim was administered. I’m very impressed with the service from Westfield.”
Customer Richard Curry
“I am a workers’ compensation lawyer, which gives me familiarity with commercial risks and claims. My experience reporting a claim to Westfield Insurance Group has been nothing but positive, professional and customer-centric due to Jeri Morgan’s skill, follow-up and engaging attitude through the process, from adjustment to rental car administration. While I hope to never need to file a claim again, if I do, please assign me to Jeri Morgan.”

There When You Need Help the Most
Recovering from a tornado in Washington, Illinois

Hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed or damaged in the central Illinois town of Washington on Sunday, November 17, 2013 when a powerful EF-4 tornado swept through the community. The next day Westfield was there meeting with customers and helping them recover from this devastating event. In the following video series, three customers share their stories about the tornado, the losses they experienced and how Westfield made a difference for them in putting their lives back together.

Stephanie Hays


Gary Marshall

Mike Gudat

"Westfield Made the Whole Situation Easier"

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