Westfield Customer: Famous Five Dining


The Customer: Mike and Tamara Lister & Doug and Laurel Renegar
Owners of Famous Five Dining in Tennessee

The Agent:Amy Comer from The Crichton Group, Nashville, TN

The Story:

It was a life-long dream for Mike and Tamara Lister to own a business with their college and high school best friends, Doug and Laurel Renegar. In 2001, their dream came true as they opened the first of five Famous Dave’s barbecue restaurants in Tennessee. The couples share their business and personal lives together through their faith, family and company.

This sharing of business and life dreams is what attracted Westfield Insurance to Famous Five Dining. After the initial introduction by the Crichton Group insurance agency in Nashville, TN, Westfield Insurance underwriter Fred Lamay met the couples at their restaurant.

“We took him on a tour and talked to him about the way we try to run our business. On our tables at our restaurant we have cards with our personal cell phone numbers and a little history on the business,” Tamara explains. “Famous Five Dining stands for Faith, Family, Friends and Famous Food. We wear this every day as our brand and our value system, and it’s how we operate our company. After Fred met all of us and learned about our company, he really went to bat for us. Because he took the time to understand our business, Westfield was able to deliver unmatched value with their coverage for us.”

Why Westfield

Finding an insurance company that took the time to get to know them and understood their culture was critical to the owners. “We needed an agency and company that would take as good of care of our guests as we do,” Tamara described. “It’s been a great partnership. In today’s time, culture is often lost to dollars and cents. We appreciate the value that Westfield brings to us, and they appreciate being partnered with a company that has more values than just serving great barbecue.”

For Famous Five Dining, the cultural meshing and personal relationship with the Crichton Group and Westfield Insurance truly is a ‘recipe for success.’

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