Teen Driver Safety Programs


With half of all new drivers involved in a crash before they turn 20, we need better ways to prepare and protect drivers.

As an insurance company, we’re in the business of helping to put lives back together after a disaster, fire or crash. Homes can be rebuilt; cars can be repaired; valuables can be replaced…what we can't do is bring back those who have lost their lives in an accident. That is why Westfield supports programs that educate teens on driver safety.

Even when we’re not thinking about the worst that can happen, getting behind the wheel is a big responsibility. Teens are the most expensive population to insure for a variety of reasons, almost all of which tie back to inexperience.

Since 2005 teen driver safety has been one of Westfield’s primary focuses when it comes to supporting our communities. We are currently partnering on the following teen driver programs that help teens make better driving decisions, on and off the road.

The Mid-Ohio School

Road Safe Teens

M.Star Foundation

Program Overview

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