General Safety & Maintenance Tips

Things like speeding tickets, fender benders, even skidding out on ice can cause your insurance costs to increase. That will quickly eat into your extra cash from your first job!

  • Buckle up now!
  • Wait until the next stoplight to change that CD.
  • Limit your number of passengers to three or less.*
  • Keep your radio turned down so you can hear sirens or horns.
  • Use headlights in fog and rain and always use a turn signal.
  • Don't drink or do drugs and drive, and don?t ride with anyone who has.
  • Use cell phones for emergency calls only, but only after you have pulled off the road and stopped the car. Drivers using cell phones are four times more likely to get into an accident. Don't think texting is any better ? it's probably worse!*
  • Don't lend your car to another driver; you?re responsible for their actions.
  • Learn how to check the car?s fluids and change tires.
  • Avoid driving when you are tired.*

*Obey your state's graduated licensing laws - they were created for a reason!

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