Teen Drivers


Teen Driving Facts

With half of all new drivers involved in a crash before they turn 20, we need better ways to prepare and protect teen drivers. What can you do to protect your teen?

Get the facts about teen driving
Find out about Graduated Licensing Laws in your state (ghsa.org)

How to talk to your teen about driving

From contracts to incentives, how to approach the rules of the road ... and your household. More ...

Driving schools

Westfield has partnered with the best professional driving programs to help make them available for your teen. More ...

Best cars for teen drivers

Consumer Reports helps you find the best car for your young driver. Get the list at consumerreports.org

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reveals their top safety picks for 2010. Get the full report at iihs.org

If your teen has an accident ...

What should you tell your teen? What will happen to your insurance premium? Find out ...

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