If Your Teen has an Accident


Your First Reaction

If your teen is involved in an accident, chances are he or she will be shaken up. Resist the urge to immediately analyze your teen's driving behavior (even if he or she was at fault) and focus first on his or her health and mental state. Later, when everyone is in a calm frame of mind, discuss the accident and how it could have been avoided, if possible.

Understanding Liability

The time to talk about ramifications of an accident is before one happens. Your teen should understand the liability aspect of being at-fault in an accident ... in other words, he or she should understand that an at-fault driver becomes financially responsible for damage and injury the accident may cause.

What to Expect with Your Insurance Premium

If your teen is involved in an accident, you can expect another increase in premium - another good reason to discuss driving privileges with your teen and the possibility of losing those privileges in the event of reckless driving. Get tips on talking to your teen about driving.

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