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Westfield Safety Resource Center

Westfield Insurance is pleased to provide a comprehensive risk control resource, the Westfield Safety Resource Center, to our customers free of charge.

This online system houses technical expertise, resources, research, professional development opportunities and more - all in one, easy-to-use site.

The database contains over 2500 technical documents, checklists and articles covering a broad scope of risk topics. It pulls together multiple perils and exposures in one resource. Our business insurance customers can use the site to enhance their risk control efforts by accessing information on broad areas such as occupational safety, fire protection, liability, or fleet safety. Users can further drill down into specific areas - such as ergonomics, sprinkler systems, risk transfer and driver qualification - for support materials that match their particular needs.

To take advantage of this valuable addition to our risk control offerings, please fill out this request form with your contact information, and send it to the email address provided. A representative from risk control will be in touch with your username, password, and a job aid on how to use the site.

Request form: Click here

Email address: losscontrol@westfieldgrp.com

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