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Westfield customers have two comprehensive programs to navigate the challenges of workers’ compensation insurance.

Help Employees Return to Work

Employers who initiate proactive return-to-work programs often speed their employee's recovery, avoid costly litigation, and even improve employee relations. Westfield will help you implement the return-to-work program you need for your business.

Why your business needs a Return-to-Work program

Article: Quick returns: How return-to-work programs reduce workers' compensation expense (PDF)

Temporary Transitional Work

Although you are committed to providing transitional RTW opportunities for your injured employees, the reality is that sometimes it is difficult to accommodate on-site transitional work. The WesWorks program provides temporary off-site transitional work for your injured employees at a local charitable organization when you cannot accommodate on-site transitional duty.

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Transition Back to Work

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Safeguard Against Internal Theft

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