Umbrella Insurance


Umbrella Insurance Protects Your Savings and Your Future

Life is full of the unexpected. Accidents and lawsuits happen all the time. And these days, increasing liability exposure to these lawsuits and generous financial settlements can exceed coverage limits under your auto or home policies. Thatís when personal umbrella liability insurance kicks in. It provides a second layer of coverage to help protect your savings and future earnings.

What is Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance?

Umbrella insurance gives you and your family an added layer of financial protection. Think of it as insurance on top of your insurance. When coverage limits are reached on your personal auto, home, boat or recreational vehicle policy, your umbrella protection could be activated. With an umbrella policy, you get higher limits of liability and personal injury coverage. In some instances, your umbrella policy even offers insurance protection for events that arenít covered under your primary policy.

Can you give me an example?

Letís say someone falls in front of your house and breaks a few bones, or you injure someone in an auto accident and itís determined youíre liable. If the person who got hurt needs surgery and misses several months of work, the liability coverage under your home or auto policy may run out well before the medical bills and other costs are covered. Most home and auto policies provide liability coverage limits of anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000. If expenses exceed those limits and you donít have an umbrella policy as a backup, you could be forced to tap into your savings or your home equity or even future assets. That could truly change your life and your future. Umbrella insurance protects you from that. Itís important to know that an umbrella policy does have some restrictions on coverage. For instance, claims related to intentional injury arenít covered. And minimum amounts of coverage are required on home and auto policies before you can get an umbrella policy in the first place.

How much?

Typically, a personal umbrella protection is pretty inexpensive when you consider the amount of protection it provides.

How do I get it?

Call your Westfield agent, who has the knowledge and expertise to explain the umbrella policy and make sure you have the right coverage.

Contact your agent today to find out if you have the right amount of protection for you and your family.

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