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The Horsley's camper was replaced within days

Westfield can protect your motor home, RV and other recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, classic cars and motorcycles by adding them to your auto or package policy. From towing coverage to premium adjustments that reflect seasonal use, you can count on us to provide the protection and peace of mind your family needs to enjoy your recreational vehicle.

In addition to the standard liability and physical damage coverage, we offer options to build a comprehensive protection plan. With one of the most flexible lay-up programs available, we adjust your premium for RVs that are used full-time or part of the year, and we don't restrict coverage or require you to suspend use for any specific period of time.

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The story of Mark and Lori Horsley from McCordsville, Indiana

"A tornado hit our home in May 2008. My husband and I were less than a mile from home when we hit a wall of wind and rain that nearly wrecked our car. Finally, making it to our driveway, we were devastated by the first sign of damage to our property. Our brand new 5th Wheel, which we had only made two payments on, was on its side. It landed on top of our transformer box and was stopped from rolling further by our security light.

We were new to the world of camping. After a Fall Break camping trip the year before with our two children and family friends, we were hooked. We bought the 5th Wheel and spent the next few weeks shopping and getting it loaded up ready to go. However, along with the camper going down, so did our plans for the camping trip we had planned in just two weeks.

Much to my surprise, we found out the dealership where we purchased our 5th Wheel still had one identical to ours on the lot. That was great news, but the camping trip still seemed to be nearly impossible since we still had to deal with insurance. We contacted our agent and to our surprise, Westfield had someone out right away.

Within days, our 5th Wheel was totaled and paid off, and we found ourselves signing papers once again on our brand new camper. Thanks to Westfield and the help of our family and friends, we were able to get our new camper home and load up just in time for our camping trip."

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