Renters Insurance



Reliable Coverage for Renters

Reduce potential losses by insuring your personal property and liability with renters insurance from Westfield. You donít have to own your apartment or house to protect its contents and the risks you face as a resident.

Itís important to prepare for the unexpected and secure proper coverage for your personal property. Talk to an independent agent today to learn more about insurance for your rental property.

Seven Reasons to Carry Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is tailored to your specific needs as a tenant, and can fit within your budget. Here are seven reasons you should ask your insurance agent about renters insurance.

1. Your landlord is protected, but you aren't.
A common mistake renters make is believing that their landlord's insurance policy will cover their personal belongings. This is not the case. A landlord's policy covers damage to the buildings and liability if someone gets hurt on their property. But, without renters insurance, your personal belongings are not covered unless the loss is the result of negligence on the part of your landlord.

2. It's affordable.
Renters insurance can be fairly inexpensive, depending on the coverage and deductible you choose. A higher deductible can lower the overall cost of your policy. Insurance companies may offer discounts when you take measures to help prevent losses, such as installing smoke detectors.

3. Can you afford to replace all your belongings?
Renters insurance policies are designed to cover losses to your furniture, clothes, electronics and other valuables. You can even extend your policy to cover items such as jewelry and antiques. Insuring these possessions will prevent you from incurring a large financial loss in the event all or some items need to be replaced.

4. You are responsible for your visitors.
If someone gets hurt inside your apartment, you can be held responsible. These legal fees and medical expenses can be included in your policy.

5. Students may need their own coverage.
If your child is a student living away from home, your homeownerís policy may not cover his or her belongings. Whether the student lives in the dorms or in an apartment, check your policy and discuss your options with your insurance agent.

6. Coverage for loss of use.
Similar to an auto insurance policy that covers rental car expenses following an accident, your renterís insurance policy should cover living expenses if you are unable to live in your home for a period of time after a loss occurs. This can include expenses for a hotel stay and meals.

7. If you own a rental home or other home you do not occupy.
You may want to purchase what is referred to as a dwelling policy. A dwelling policy provides coverage for structures at the location, but does not automatically cover personal belongings or personal liability (although this coverage can be added to the policy for an additional cost). This type of policy can also be purchased for a condominium that is not owner-occupied.

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