Save Money on Your Car Insurance

  • Raise your deductible.  Your deductible is the amount of money you will pay to cover a loss before your insurance takes over. You may be able to reduce your premiums if you shoulder the smaller losses. 

  • Choose the right car. Insurance premiums are usually higher for luxury, sport and four-wheel drive models because of repair costs and auto theft experience. Characteristics such as vehicle size, weight and body type (two-door vs. four, convertible, etc.) play a role in determining premiums.

  • Ask about discounts. Many companies offer a multiple-car discount or one for carrying homeowners or another type of insurance with them. Some provide good student discounts or a credit if a young driver is away at school more than 100 miles, with or without a car. Some companies also provide discounts for safety equipment or devices.

  • Drive defensively. An at-fault accident or major traffic violation can affect future premiums.

  • Double-check how and where you park. Often the cost of vandalism and auto theft is overlooked.

  • Avoid filing excessive or fraudulent claims. The more claims you file, especially small ones that you can cover yourself, the greater the likelihood that future premiums will reflect this. Padding insurance claims negatively affects the premiums you pay.
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