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Save up to 15% with the Westfield Wespak® for Home and Car Insurance

Simplify your personal insurance with Westfield, a trusted insurance partner with more than 160 years of experience. With the Wespak®, we conveniently bundle your home and car insurance policies into one package. You’ll earn extra coverage for free that normally costs more when added to a regular policy.

Your Wespak is one policy for home and auto insurance, so you receive only one bill.

Did you know that you save even more when you choose Westfield for your business insurance too?

Why Choose the Westfield Wespak?

  • Save money on your home and auto coverage.
  • Get more than what standard policies cover, including:
    • Receive replacement cost coverage without paying extra.
    • Pay only one deductible if you have a loss to both your home and your car.
    • Get the option of selecting roadside assistance with your policy, as well as more options available only to Wespak customers!
  • Available to homeowners, condo owners or renters.

We can also maintain separate policies if it better suits your needs. Learn more about our homeowners or auto insurance policies.

Insurance Simplified

Questions about personal insurance? Visit our Insurance in Simple Terms resource center to learn more about shopping for home and car insurance, reporting claims and researching what coverage is right for you.

Compare the Cost of Insurance Coverage and Premiums

Download our Pick Your Protection resource sheet to see how your coverage and costs may vary based on the selections you make. Your agent will help you select what is best for you.

Are You Fully Covered?

Take our Coverage Detective analysis to help identify any gaps that may exist in your current home and auto insurance policies. We want to ensure you avoid any unnecessary costs associated with oversights in your insurance coverage.

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