Homeowners Insurance


Insurance for Your Home, Car and Personal Belongings

Your home provides you comfort and protection, and so should your insurance. With Westfield, you can rest assured that our company will deliver quality coverage and claims services that you can rely on. We even offer package programs that allow you to simplify your home and car insurance by combining them into one policy.

We understand that life has unexpected occurrences. From smaller claims to major structural damage, we’re here to help you and your family repair any losses and feel confident that you’ve chosen the right partner.

Watch our customer testimonial video to see what our agents and customers have to say about Westfield’s homeowners insurance and claims response.

Pick Your Protection

Whether you reside in a house, apartment or condominium, we offer protection options that fit your needs. From basic, straightforward coverages, to more complex situations, we have the right resources and experience behind your policy.

It is important to discuss your particular needs with your agent. He or she can help you make the selection that best fits your individual situation. Be sure to ask your agent about adding equipment breakdown coverage to your policy.

Our premier product is a combination policy that offers broad coverage for both your home and car insurance. The Wespak is ideal for many customers because of its streamlined approach — one policy, one deductible, one bill. If you want convenience and reliability, the Wespak is for you.

Wespak Estate®
The Wespak Estate is our homeowner’s insurance package designed for customers with high-value homes and assets. Like the Wespak, it is a package policy that combines home and car coverage, but with extra coverages that are specific to the needs of affluent households. The Wespak Estate includes the added benefit of equipment breakdown coverage.

This option includes the home portion of Wespak Estate, but without the coverage for your car. It is an ideal choice if you need high-value home coverages, but do not need, or choose not, to insure your auto on the same policy.

Apartments and Condos
Customers residing in an apartment or condominium can also benefit from the Wespak. While landlords should carry insurance to protect the building itself, they are not responsible for the personal belongings of their tenants. Renters and condo dwellers are both eligible for the Wespak. Learn more about our renters insurance or insurance for condo owners.

Homeowners Resources

Download our Home Insurance Checklist or take our Coverage Detective analysis to help identify any gaps that may exist in your current home and car insurance policies.

Own a Boat?

We also offer convenient options for insuring personal boats and watercrafts through additional coverage attached to any of our homeowners packages or individual policies. Learn more about our boat insurance.

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