IBM Salutes Westfield Insurance on Business Intelligence


Westfield’s success as a super regional insurance company and financial services group of businesses is greatly influenced by the significant contributions of our key business partners. A business partner is different from a vendor in that the relationship has long term strategic importance and mutual benefits. One such partner with Westfield is IBM.

IBM has invited Westfield to showcase the two companies' partnership in the IBM Masters of Business Change Series. Created by IBM, this project will profile Westfield's success in the area of business intelligence and analytics through a 60-second mini-news feature, an interview with Westfield Insurance President Ed Largent, and broadcasts on leading national news programs such as Bloomberg Business Week, Business Morning, The First Word and the Lou Dobbs Report in June.

In addition, IBM will create a case study and brief video testimonial on Westfield's business intelligence journey. IBM recognizes the Westfield BI journey as unique, specifically because Westfield is creating a culture where decision making is information-based, and the company delivered analytics to front-line employees.

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