Storm Update: Westfield storm teams at work


As media coverage begins to fade as time passes after a storm, Westfield’s storm team operations continue. Storm teams remain on the ground in Indianapolis, Toledo, Dayton and Knoxville, providing on-location support to customers impacted by storm damage.

The mobile response units are no longer deployed and are standing by for the next storm event. These trailers are sent out immediately to assist in handling the large numbers of claims reported after a storm.

Customers who have already reported claims are asked to contact their assigned adjuster with any questions. If you have a loss that is not yet reported, please contact your agent or call Westfield’s Customer Care Center at 1.866.937.2663.

About the Storm Team
The Westfield storm team consists of men and women from our claims department who are on-call and ready to respond to help customers in the aftermath of a storm. They rush to the scene, leaving their homes and families (often for days or weeks at a time) to be first on the scene to assist those impacted by storm damage.

The storm teams work proactively to assess the damage and begin contacting the hardest-hit areas first. Often, people in these neighborhoods have not even filed their claim yet when a Westfield storm team member contacts them. We’re often the first on the scene, and our work to settle claims quickly allows our customers to be among the first in their community to get their repairs scheduled.

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