Scam Alert: A warning about consumer fraud


We’ve recently learned that an individual or organization is sending out letters on counterfeit versions of letterhead for James B. Oswald, a Westfield Insurance independent agency in Cleveland, Ohio, claiming that the recipient is a winner in the “Customer Compensation and Appreciation Bonanza for all customers of major stores in U.K. U. S. and Canada.” The mail package includes a fraudulent check for $4,000 drawn on a Westfield Bank account that is closed and asks the recipient to send $2,900 to cover taxes on a larger prize.

Please know that these mailings are completely false and have nothing to do with Oswald, Westfield Insurance or Westfield Bank.

If you receive such a letter, do not respond to it in any way. Alert your postmaster that you have received the letter. Also, please advise us that you have been targeted by emailing Oswald at or Westfield Bank at

This mailing constitutes consumer fraud and is an illegal activity. It is a variation on a number of schemes criminals throughout the world use to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Don’t become a victim of this scheme. For more information on how to protect yourself from consumer fraud refer to the tips provided on our web sites.

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