Westfield Donates to Toledo Fire Department


Westfield Insurance to Donate $20,000 of Arson Investigative Equipment to the Toledo Fire Department

Westfield Insurance, an Ohio-based insurance carrier, will present a donation of more than $20,000 worth of investigative equipment to the City of Toledo Fire Department’s Bureau of Fire Prevention, Nov. 9, 2010, prior to the bi-weekly City Council meeting.

The investigative equipment will help the Toledo Fire Investigating Unit (Arson Unit) improve its ability to investigate the crime of arson – a high priority issue in recent years — and improve the investigators’ ability to be more mobile and thorough on scene.

"Westfield's contribution to the City of Toledo is an example of business and the private sector partnering together for mutual benefit," said Toledo Mayor Michael P. Bell. "This equipment will help our investigators more efficiently examine fires and in return they can determine causes, pursue criminal cases and share findings with insurance companies working to process claims. In the long run, the community benefits."

Westfield’s donation consists of the following: three Nikon D5000 cameras, three Panasonic Toughbooks 30, three sets of evidence markers, a Canon Mini DVD camcorder, an HP Photosmart C5500 scanner and two TLV Sniffers that monitor flammable gas vapors. The initiative is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to supporting the safety and strength of the local communities it serves.

"Westfield is proud to be a part of a positive initiative being taken by the City of Toledo to better protect residents and taxpayer dollars, as well as deter arson activity," said Steve Jarrett, a special investigative unit leader at Westfield.

Westfield was made aware of Toledo’s ongoing battle against arson through its local independent agents and the Ohio Department of Insurance.

"I feel fortunate to have been be able to facilitate Westfield Insurance and the City of Toledo as they worked to find a solution that would benefit the citizens and policyholders of Toledo,” said Jeannie Hylant, principal at the Hylant Group of Toledo. “This wonderful gift of investigative equipment from Westfield to the Toledo Fire Department will allow them to do what they do best — protect the citizens and property in our community."

Westfield will present the donation at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010 at the One Government Center, Suite 2120, prior to the City of Toledo’s bi-weekly City Council meeting.

Photo and video opportunities will be available for interested media personnel.

Planned Presentation Attendees:

  • Representatives from the Toledo Mayor’s Office
  • Representatives from the Toledo Fire Department
  • Representatives from the Toledo City Council
  • Dan Kelso, representative from the Ohio Insurance Institute
  • Michelle Brugh, Assistant Director of the Office of Fraud, Enforcement & Licensing, Ohio Department of Insurance
  • Mike Hylant, CEO, Hylant Group of Toledo
  • Richard Hylant, President, Hylant Group of Toledo
  • Jani Davis, Community Investment Leader, Westfield Insurance
  • Steve Jarrett, Special Investigative Unit Leader, Westfield Insurance

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