Jordan Advocates for Golf Industry


Mark Jordan, Natural Resource Leader at Westfield Group Country Club traveled to Washington, D.C., April 28 with nine peer members of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America’s Government Relations Committee to meet with members of Congress as part of National Golf Day.

The goal of the visits with lawmakers was to promote the true face of golf, one that better reflects the economic, human and environmental benefits of the industry across the nation.

The committee discussed a variety of issues affecting the golf industry including comprehensive immigration reform, the H-2B visa program, as well as golf’s exclusion in recent years from federal relief and stimulus measures being considered by Congress.

“Mark’s participation in National Golf Day was integral to sharing the positive message about golf on a widespread basis,” GCSAA Secretary/Treasurer and Government Relations Committee Chairman Sanford G. Queen, CGCS, said. “This important event allows our federally elected officials the opportunity to understand the golf industry’s concerns. It was truly an honor to work with Mark, GCSAA’s Government Relations Committee and the leaders of golf’s allied organizations to speak up as a unified voice to ensure lawmakers have an accurate perception of the golf industry.”

The Capitol Hill visits coincided with the official launch of WE ARE GOLF, a new coalition led by four of the golf industry’s leading associations and supported by other small businesses. Founded by GCSAA, the National Golf Course Owners Association, the Club Managers Association of America, and The PGA of America, WE ARE GOLF is a broad-based coalition that seeks to maximize the industry’s synergy and reduce redundancy. Its growing membership includes participation from association members, multi-course owners, manufacturers and golf facilities.

Beyond better demonstrating golf’s profound economic clout, WE ARE GOLF illustrates the industry’s environmental sustainability initiatives, its health and wellness benefits and its unparalleled charitable giving. First and foremost, the goal of WE ARE GOLF is to get members of Congress to understand golf’s contributions to communities across the country when they’re developing and advancing important legislation – just as all small businesses want. WE ARE GOLF will work to share information, case studies and articles with media, elected officials, regulators and other key constituents so they are better informed on issues of concern.

"I was pleased by the quality of conversations we had," said GCSAA CEO Mark Woodward, CGCS. "We did not come with a hand out for special favors. We came united as one, asking only for a level playing field with other industries and small businesses. That message resonated with the congressmen and women. Those who were already supporters of golf were surprised by the diversity and size of the industry. They vowed to help us in our efforts and share the information. But even more impressive was the reaction by those who were not golfers. They thanked us for coming to tell our story and offered feedback on how we could be successful in accomplishing our goals."

GCSAA is a leading golf organization and has as its focus golf course management. Since 1926, GCSAA has been the top professional association for the men and women who manage golf courses in the United States and worldwide. From its headquarters in Lawrence, Kan., the association provides education, information and representation to more than 20,000 members in more than 72 countries. GCSAA’s mission is to serve its members, advance their profession and enhance the enjoyment, growth and vitality of the game of golf. The association’s philanthropic organization, The Environmental Institute for Golf, works to strengthen the compatibility of golf with the natural environment through research grants, support for education programs and outreach efforts. Visit GCSAA at

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