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Trust your farm or commercial agribusiness to an insurance company founded and built around farmersí needs. At Westfield Insurance, we put more than 160 years of Agribusiness and Farm Insurance experience to work for your farm or agricultural business.

In 1848, a group of farmers set out to find a way to better protect themselves and their neighbors against the risks associated with farming and agribusiness. From this desire to protect their assets, Westfield Insurance was born. Since that time, we have remained one of the leading agribusiness and farm insurance providers in the country. Would you be surprised to know that Westfield used to own and operate a dairy farm? Learn more about Our History in Agribusiness.

Our network of experienced insurance agents will help your agent identify your specific risks and recommend a policy that ensures you are fully protected. Our goal is to provide you the freedom and peace of mind necessary to grow your business to its full potential.

Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Products

Farm Insurance
Horse Farm Insurance
Commercial Agribusiness Insurance
Vineyard and Winery Insurance

Risk Services

Our Risk Services specialists work closely with you to identify any potential sources of loss, and then minimize the loss costs that may exist for your farm or agribusiness.

Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Claims

We know the nature of agribusiness. Thatís why our proactive claims management division is committed to ensuring that Westfield adjusters are in close proximity to all of our customers, in order to respond to and settle claims quickly, fairly and efficiently.

Visit our farm and agribusiness blog, Grains of Knowledge, to receive updates and valuable information, news, trends and insight on the farm, agriculture and commercial agribusiness industries.

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