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Growing Together in Farming and Agribusiness

Westfield Insurance was founded in 1848 as the Ohio Farmers Insurance Company and was built by farmers to offer proper protection to their communityís livelihood. The company also gained experience outside of insurance when it successfully owned and operated its own dairy farm and exhibited a show-string of registered Jersey cows.

With more than a century and a half of experience in farm protection, we are one of the oldest writers of farm owner business in the nation. When you need insurance protection for your farm or commercial agribusiness, place your trust in a company who shares your roots and understands your needs.

Westfield's History Highlights

  • In 1919, with 71 years of insurance experience under our belt, we purchased a 51-acre dairy farm on property adjoining the home office.
  • The name of the farm became Ohio Farm to coincide with the name of the parent company, Ohio Farmers Insurance Company.
  • The dairy farm supplied all of the milk, butter and beef to the guests of the local Westfield Inn.
  • Not only was the dairy farm looked favorably upon for its milk production, but also for the deep pedigrees of its registered Jersey herd.
  • According to history, Westfield sold a bull named Sybilís Gamboge for $65,000 in 1919.
  • After this bull sold for such an incredible price, he was shipped by railcar to New York where he was paraded down Wall Street to prove his investment value.
  • During its years of operation, the Jersey herd at Ohio Farm received many show ring accomplishments, including eight Grand Champion prizes in 1923 alone!

Westfield Today

Westfield continues to be an industry leader, providing up-to-date knowledge, resources and insurance products suited for the modern day farmer. We may no longer own and operate our own dairy farm, but we do remain dedicated to growing with our customers and serving your farm and agribusiness insurance needs with the same tradition and values on which we were founded.

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