For Teens


So You're Ready to Drive ...

When you start driving, anything can happen ... you can get a job - earn a paycheck. You can drive yourself to school, your friends' houses and the mall. You've got freedom. You've got big plans for the future and this weekend ... anything can happen.

Because anything can happen, we want you to know that good choices behind the wheel today will affect you tomorrow. Speeding tickets, fender benders, even crashes that don't seem like they are your fault - such as skidding out on ice - can cause your insurance costs to increase.

Safety and Maintenance Tips

These general safety and maintenance tips can help you keep your insurance costs down - and keep more hard-earned cash in your pocket. Get tips.

Good Grades = Insurance Discounts! If you have a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher, you can get a discount on insurance. Now getting good grades won't just make your parents happy, it will save them - and you - money on your car insurance!

Improve Your Driving Skills

Did you know that most teen crashes are a result of inexperience?

Thinking About the Future?

If you are interested in an exciting career with flexibility, high earning potential that lets you do your part for your neighbors, your community and the world, here is something that may surprise you…the insurance industry offers all those things!

Westfield is a proud supporter of InVEST and Griffith Insurance Education Foundation, nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to improving insurance literacy and attracting new talent to the industry. They work with students, teachers and professors and offer scholarships!

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