About InVEST

Teachers who are looking for a way to impact students and afford them with the knowledge, leverage and connections needed to make a successful career after graduation should check out InVEST.

A free program offered to high school and community college students, InVEST is an innovative, exciting and hands-on program developed to educate students about the insurance industry and the mass scale of jobs available for their generation.

Through this school-to-work model, students will learn first hand how to make it in the insurance industry and provide them with the tools and skills to build a lasting career.

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How Westfield Employees Help InVEST

  • In addition to providing financial support, employees donate time and expertise to support InVEST classes at local high schools.
  • Pat Schiesswohl, Senior Executive - P&C marketing, serves on the national board of InVEST. This board position was previously held since 2002 by retired Senior Executive, Kent Daugherty.
  • Westfield also encourages agency partners to get involved with InVEST programs at their local high schools.

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