Habitat for Humanity


Through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials, Habitat for Humanity builds and rehabilitates simple, decent houses alongside homeowner (partner) families.

Habitat is not a giveaway program. In addition to a down payment and monthly mortgage payments, homeowners invest hundreds of hours of their own labor (sweat equity) into building their Habitat house and the houses of others.

Habitat houses are sold to partner families at no profit and financed with affordable loans. The homeowners’ monthly mortgage payments are used to build still more Habitat houses.

How employees, agents and customers help Habitat for Humanity

  • Westfield employees have been volunteering for Habitat for Humanity since 2001. In 2008 alone, employees helped build 14 homes in eight states.
  • What was once a department team-building exercise to build homes for our neighbors has evolved into a relationship-building initiative involving employees, agency partners and customers working together to strengthen communities.

Want to volunteer for your local Habitat for Humanity?

Contact your local Habitat affiliate to find out about volunteer needs

Interested in another way to support Habitat for Humanity?

ReStores are retail outlets where quality used and surplus building materials are sold at a fraction of normal prices. Proceeds from ReStores help local affiliates sustain operations and fund the construction of Habitat houses within the community. Many affiliates across the United States and Canada operate successful ReStores—some of which raise enough funds to build an additional 10 or more houses per year.

Materials sold by Habitat ReStores are usually donated from building supply stores, contractors, demolition crews or from individuals who wish to show their support for Habitat. In addition to raising funds, ReStores help the environment by rechanneling good, usable materials into use. Click here for a directory of Habitat for Humanity ReStores to find one near you.

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