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Teachers, we support a variety of programs for youth, and they have one thing in common: you!

Teen Driver Safety

As an insurance company, we’re in the business of putting people’s lives back together after a disaster, fire or crash. We can rebuild homes; we can easily fix or replace cars and other things. What we can't do is bring back those who have lost their lives in an accident. As a teacher, you know how a serious crash can affect an entire school, an entire community.

Even when we’re not thinking about the worst that can happen, getting behind the wheel is a big responsibility. Teens are the most expensive population to insure for a variety of reasons, almost all of which tie back to inexperience. Teens and parents are so busy that sometimes you talk to teens more than their parents do! Here’s how you can help:

  • Teach Driving Safety Skills: Bring Driving Skills for Life into your classroom. Teach your students the skills that can save their lives and avoid injury.
  • Tell Students about Hands-On Training: Some of our programs involve behind-the-wheel driving experience; check out our teen driver safety programs for events to share with your students.
  • Check out our Teen Driver site for resources for parents and teens.

Avenues to Future Employment

Westfield supports programs that work with teachers to support your efforts to provide students with avenues to future employment.

  • Preparing students for the real world: There is a need to teach business and financial literacy at a younger age.
  • Teaching students about careers: The insurance industry offers outstanding career opportunities. We want your students to know about the wide range of opportunities including sales, marketing, underwriting, claims, accounting, investment, human resources, information systems, customer service and more.

Take a look at the programs we support for tools and programs to use in your classroom.


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