For Parents


For Parents of Teen Drivers

As an insurance company, weíre in the business of putting peopleís lives back together after a disaster, fire or crash. We can rebuild homes; we can easily fix or replace cars and other things. What we can't do is bring back those who have lost their lives in an accident. We canít put a family back together. That is why Westfield supports programs that educate teens on driver safety.

Even when weíre not thinking about the worst that can happen, getting behind the wheel is a big responsibility. Teens are the most expensive population to insure for a variety of reasons, almost all of which tie back to inexperience.

Although we canít give your son or daughter more experience on the road, we would like to help you be better prepared to teach your child how to drive. Visit to get smart advice to give to your could save your teen driverís life.

Check out the teen driver safety programs we support to learn about behind-the-wheel programs and get detailed information on what it means to have a teen driver on your policy.

Good Grades Help Save

Did you know that most insurance companies offer a Good Student Discount for students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher? Contact your insurance agent today to find out how to receive this discount or click here to find a Westfield agency partner.
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