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Need to report a claim?

Contact your independent agent to report a claim. Find contact information for your agent.

Report Claims 24-hours-a-day by calling 866-937-2663

Or email:

Auto glass claims: Submit auto glass claims on-line or call 800.810.3665.

Westfield Roadside Assistance for Personal Auto Policies: Policyholders should call 1.877.787.9078 for roadside assistance. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Learn more about roadside assistance.

What to Expect

When you purchase insurance, you hope you will never have to use it. But it you do have a claim, our Westfield claims team is trained, experienced and dedicated to delivering prompt, fair and professional claims service. Here is what you can expect:

  • We will strive to contact you within 24 hours after receiving notice and begin the process of handling your claim.
  • We will provide qualified professional claims representatives to explain your coverage, review your claim and assess your damages.
  • We will pay your loss promptly in accordance with policy terms and conditions.
  • We have many programs to assist you in resolving your claim quickly and professionally.

Westfield Claims Service

95% overall satisfaction in claims service
Customers who have had a claim with us rate us 95% for overall satisfaction in claims service. If you have a claim, you'll have a professional, helpful and friendly voice on the phone, a prompt response from our adjusters, and a fair payment. We place a lot of importance on training our employees, making sure each person that represents us has the same commitment to excellent service...the service you deserve.

So what's it like to be satisfied with your claims service? Read what our customers are saying about their claims experience with Westfield.

What should I do at the scene of an auto accident in which I am involved?
Refer to the auto policy identification card provided with your policy. This will tell you exactly what you should do until you can speak directly with your agent or a Westfield representative. A claims representative will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your claim, whenever possible.

  • Speed in Handling Claims - Our extensive network of claims offices puts Westfield adjusters in close proximity to our customers, so we’re able to respond to and settle claims quickly and fairly. Chances are, Westfield has a claims service office near you.
  • The Right People - Westfield Claims Professionals - When you have a claim, it’s reassuring to know a Westfield claims professional will handle it. Our employees receive some of the most extensive training in the industry. Many are specialists in property, casualty, and workers’ compensation; others are familiar with the most complex claims situations. From the Home Office to the field, our claims professionals have the knowledge, training, and authority to deliver superior claims service.
  • Caring, Personal Service - Westfield’s claims professionals know how difficult it can be when our customers experience a loss. For many, it is a time of stress, confusion, and concern. Our employees take the time to explain coverage, the settlement process, and to answer questions.
  • Paying What We Owe - We believe that paying claims fairly is good business. We strive to always pay what we owe. On Westfield claims, our staff:
               • Reviews coverage
               • Completes a thorough investigation
               • Verifies damage
               • Pays the damages we owe
    Our professional approach to claims handling assures fairness and customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous Improvement - 160 years of claims settlement experience backs every Westfield Insurance policy. We continually strive to improve our claims service by adopting new procedures and technology and by providing our people with the latest in training and resources. You can depend on Westfield to be a claims service leader.
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