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Internship Program

Westfield's internship program is designed to provide meaningful college internships for students seeking 'real-world' experience. We offer a wide range of opportunities for interns to develop and grow in positions in their chosen academic area. Through our internships, we allow you to showcase your academic talent and guide you in setting achievable career aspirations. We want to best utilize the talents and energy of the interns that work with us to help build relationships with future business leaders.

96% of interns surveyed would consider Westfield for employment after graduation.

My internship experience at Westfield Insurance was outstanding. Everyone in the company, from the underwriters and executives to the support staff, was friendly and helpful.

The summer program was well organized, yet flexible enough to grant the freedom to explore various departments and shadow different employees. Without any previous background in the insurance industry, I was able to learn quickly thanks to the hands-on experience the internship provided, as well as the support from my mentors and co-workers. The projects they gave me were thought provoking and often tailored to my interests, and also provided actual benefit to the company.

I would highly recommend Westfield’s internship program to anyone interested in developing their professional career. The experience you will gain is beyond just the insurance industry, as it helped me develop myself as a person and an emerging business professional.

Matt Horner

Program Benefits

College students participating in Westfield's internship program benefit from a variety of educational opportunities designed to prepare students to succeed in their desired field, including training, mentoring, job shadowing, networking activities and performance management. We want to ensure the time our interns spend at Westfield is a valuable part of their college experience.

Our internship program is designed to:

  • Build a pipeline of talent for future staffing needs
  • Provide interns with challenging assignments and opportunities
  • Develop interns' skills while helping to meet department goals
  • Build strong relationships with our interns

Paid internship opportunities exist in these areas:

  • Information technology
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Actuarial
  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Golf & turf management
  • Claims
  • Culinary arts

Looking for a summer job? Westfield also has a variety of seasonal opportunities. Click here to search our open jobs.

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