Loss Of Use

We thought we were ready for anything. At times we even hoped for something to happen so that our business contingency plans could be exercised. So when the building went dark - we calmly waited for the backup generator to kick in. After several minutes, we began to realize it wasn't going to come on. After the 30 minutes of battery backup expired, critical pieces of business equipment began shutting down one by one. After about 12 excruciating hours, and many frantic phone calls to customers - electrical service to the building was restored, and we were finally up and running again.

We learned a couple valuable lessons that day: we weren't as prepared as we should have been for an extended loss of use occurrence, and our insurance coverage didn't include a loss of use provision. Now, not only do we test our generator regularly - we meet with our Westfield independent agent to help identify coverage needs as our business grows.

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