Errors & Omissions

I'll never forget that call, or the anger in my customer's voice. We had recently completed a trade magazine advertisement for him - a full page, full color ad promoting a new product for his business. When he called, he was looking at the ad in the magazine, and the glaring mistake staring back at him: his phone number was wrong. How could this be? Both the client and I reviewed the proofs and that issue had been corrected.

I later learned that my creative director, with the best of intentions, had gone into the file after the final customer proof to correct another issue she had spotted before the final graphics went to the printer. Unfortunately, she didn't use the file with the latest corrections, and didn't catch the error in the phone number. Now, not only was my client demanding we waive our professional fees for designing and placing the ad, he demanded we pay for the ad as well - and threatened to sue us for lost opportunities when prospects dialed the wrong number.

Later, a business colleague of mine informed me of errors and omissions insurance that may have covered my losses in this situation. So I contacted my agent - a little late, and she reviewed and identified several other coverage gaps in my insurance, so I'm better prepared if something like this should happen in the future.

Errors and omissions insurance covers losses resulting from professional services - or the failure to perform those services.

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