Small Business - Property


Property insurance for your small business

Your small business policy from Westfield will safeguard your building and its contents against losses or damages. Westfield offers a wide range of protection benefits for insuring your small business’ property.

Property protection includes:

  • Buildings
  • Property used in your business
  • Income lost as a result of damage to your business or the inability to conduct business due to a loss elsewhere
  • Extra expenses incurred as a result of a loss
  • Coverage for locations or property you acquire for your business
  • Exterior and interior glass
  • Debris removal

Additional coverage to meet your needs

Some businesses require extra security for the unexpected. For these customers, we offer a variety of coverages you can add to your policy.

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Earthquake
  • Utility services
  • Fine arts
  • Scheduled property - for specific valuable items
  • Tools
  • Commercial articles
  • Computer fraud and funds transfer fraud

Not sure if you need more coverage? Contact an independent agent. They will work with you to determine if you should carry additional protection.

If you need specialized coverage, we will tailor a policy to cover your business.

Expand on included property coverage

Add extra protection for certain types of losses that may have limited or no coverage in the standard property and liability coverages.

  • Money and securities
  • Forgery and alteration
  • Fine arts
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Accounts receivable
  • Valuable papers and records
  • Ordinance or law coverage
  • Computer and software coverage including mechanical breakdown
  • Arson reward
  • Credit card invoices
  • Fire department service charge
  • Fire extinguisher recharge expense
  • Lock replacement
  • Loss of food in refrigerator or freezer
  • Off premises power interruption
  • Outdoor property
  • Signs
  • Personal effects and personal property off premises
  • Property in transit
  • Vacancy condition amended from 70 percent to 90 percent
  • Business income from dependent properties

Contact an independent agent to learn more about property insurance for your business.

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