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As a restaurant owner, you work hard to serve the needs of your customers and provide a positive dining experience. Let Westfield cater to all of your insurance needs by helping you manage the protection of your business, staff and guests. We offer customized coverages that are specifically designed for a restaurant.

The Signature Series® Restaurant Insurance Program is based on our direct knowledge of restaurant ownership. We operate an array of Westfield-owned food service venues across the campus of our company headquarters.

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Our firsthand knowledge of à la carte dining, banquet and catering services, and corporate food service operations gave us the insight necessary to know precisely what coverages a restaurant’s insurance policy should include.

Signature Series Restaurant Program

Special features and services are included in this specially designed "signature" product, which protects you from insurance issues you face as a restaurant owner. Along with many enhanced additional coverages and coverage extensions that benefit any business, you gain the peace of mind knowing that your business, employees and dining guests are shielded from losses that can occur at your restaurant.

The restaurant program includes:

  • Automatic seasonal increase in coverage, for your restaurant's busiest times of the year
  • Coverage for the fine arts that help make your atmosphere so inviting to diners
  • Food contamination and spoilage
  • Fire extinguisher system recharge, so they are always ready to go
  • Equipment breakdown coverage (if eligible) for larger kitchen equipment
  • Credit card invoices
  • Employee injuries
  • Interruption of computer operations
  • Service errors and omissions
  • Property outside your restaurant, such as signs
  • Repairs to glass on cars parked at your restaurant
  • Damage to cars you hire for service

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