Real Estate Insurance


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Your real estate management firm is focused on leasing commercial properties to others and with that comes inherent risk. You need an insurance policy focused on providing the right coverages for your business. Westfield’s Signature Series Real Estate Program is based on our in-depth knowledge of the Real Estate sector and is custom-designed for to meet your needs.

Signature Series Real Estate Insurance Program

The Signature Series Real Estate Program combines coverages specifically designed for owners of lessors risk only properties and also includes general coverages needed by all businesses. Westfield offers you the peace of mind you need to know your business is protected.

Westfield offers a variety of specialized property and liability coverages for real estate owners and managers, including:
  • Additional Expense to Regain Customers
  • Business Income – Extended Period of Indemnity
  • Business Income – Tenant Move Back Expense
  • Real Estate Tax Assessment
  • Utility Services with Overhead Lines

What to consider for Real Estate Insurance

  • Do you have coverage for real estate broker fees, advertising and promotional expenses incurred to replace tenants lost due to a Covered Cause of Loss? (Additional Expense to Regain Customers)

  • Do you have coverage for penalties incurred by contract with a tenant or customer for failure to deliver or provide a product (or rental space) in a timely manner? (Business Income – Contractual Penalties)

  • Do you have coverage for costs incurred to speed up repair or restoration of covered property from a Covered Cause of Loss – like for employee overtime and express shipping? (Business Income – Expediting Expense)

  • Do you have coverage for expenses incurred to help tenants move back into the insured’s facilities? (Business Income – Tenant Move Expense)

  • Do you have coverage for the expense to move and store Covered Property to prevent it from damage by a Covered Cause of Loss? (Preservation of Property Expense)

  • Do you have coverage for the first year of an increased tax assessment resulting from repair / rebuilding of Covered Property Damage by a Covered Cause of Loss? (Real Estate Tax Assessment)

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