Medical Diagnostic Laboratories Insurance


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Signature Series Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Program

Our comprehensive program takes you beyond traditional insurance coverage, providing you with a customized program designed to meet your unique insurance needs. Along with many enhanced additional coverages and coverage extensions that benefit any business, your medical diagnostic laboratories policy provides you with peace of mind, knowing we will protect your business and employees from losses that can occur in your laboratory.

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What to Consider for Medical Diagnostic Laboratories Insurance

  • Are you protected if an employee is involved in an automobile accident while delivering specimens for testing?

  • Will you be covered if an employee releases incorrect information or test results?

  • Will coverage be provided in the event of improper disposal of waste materials or accidental spills?

  • In the event of a serious property claim, will you have the necessary funds to rebuild your business?

  • Will you be able to cover the cost of replacing medical testing samples that spoil due to the loss of refrigeration?

  • Are your employees protected if they are injured or exposed to contaminants while on the job?

  • If a public authority determines that there has been an outbreak of a communicable disease at your premises, how will you pay for the decontamination of covered property? Who will pay for any required medical care, inoculations, vaccinations, or hospitalization for infected persons?

  • Will you be covered for damage to equipment that you have borrowed?

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