Manufacturers Insurance - What to Consider


When it comes to insuring your manufacturing company, do you know what all you need to consider?

Consider these questions when talking with your insurance agent:

  • Do you have coverage for goods you ship to a customer at their risk, but you can’t collect because the goods were damaged and your customer refuses to pay? (Contingent Transit)

  • If part of your stock in the process of manufacture loses value because other parts are damaged by a Covered Cause of Loss, are you covered for that reduction in value? (Manufacturer’s Consequential Loss Assumption)

  • Does your insurance extend coverage to cover employee’s tools while being used for your business or in your building? (Employee Tools Coverage)

  • Do you have Business Personal Property coverage for your Salespersons’ Samples off premises while in their care, custody or control? (Salespersons Samples)

  • Does your insurance policy value your finished “stock” by your selling price? (Manufacturer’s Selling Price – Finished Stock Only)

  • Do you have coverage for patterns, molds or dies in your care, custody or control? (Patterns, Molds, Dies)

The Westfield Signature Series Manufacturers Program has coverages built with your specific needs in mind.

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