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Trust Westfield’s Signature Series® Hotel Program to protect your business with an insurance policy built to cover the specific needs of a hotel. This program is based on our direct knowledge of the hotel industry.

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We’ve walked a mile in your shoes and understand the challenges you face when running a hotel business. We own and operate Westfield Inn, a highly acclaimed small luxury hotel on the main campus of our company headquarters. Our firsthand experience in destination lodging, dining, conferencing and entertaining lends great insight in hotel liability and helped us determine precisely what a hotel's insurance program should include.

Signature Series Hotel Program

Our comprehensive program takes you beyond traditional insurance coverage, providing you with a customized program designed to meet your unique hotel insurance needs. Along with many enhanced additional coverages and coverage extensions that benefit any business, your hotel policy provides you with the peace of mind knowing that we will protect your business, employees and overnight guests from losses that can occur in your hotel.

Along with traditional insurance protection, your hotel policy will include:

  • Customer inconvenience remuneration expense
  • Coverage for your guests' property
  • Delivery errors and omissions
  • Service errors and omissions
  • Equipment breakdown coverage (if eligible)
  • Credit card invoices
  • Lost master key and key card coverage
  • Employee injuries

What to Consider for Hotel Insurance

  1. Are you covered if one of your drivers has an accident while making a delivery?
  2. Who pays if a consumer is injured or becomes ill from contact with one of the products you distribute?
  3. Will you be able to rebuild your establishment and replace your equipment after a fire?
  4. With all of the equipment you depend on to run your business, are you covered for breakdown?

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