Hotel Insurance - What to Consider


When it comes to insuring your hotel business, do you know what all you need to consider? Westfield can help ease your mind because we understand the hotel business - we own and operate a hotel of our own, the Westfield Inn.

Consider these questions when talking with your insurance agent:
  1. Are you covered if an overnight guest is injured while being transported in one of your vehicles?

  2. Do you have coverage if a guest trips over a cord left by housekeeping across a hallway?

  3. Who will pay if a customer is injured by a defective gift or souvenir purchased at your hotel?

  4. Will your employees be taken care of if they are injured on the job?

  5. Will your cash or furnishings be replaced if there is a robbery? Who will compensate guests for their property that is stolen in a robbery?

  6. What if an employee uses a hotel guests' credit card number?

  7. With all of the fire sources found in a hotel, will you be able to rebuild your establishment and furnish it if everything is destroyed by fire?

  8. Is coverage provided if a claim arises when an employee serves too much alcohol to a patron?

  9. Hotels rely heavily on heating and air conditioning systems. Who will pay the cost to repair a breakdown and replace perishable goods that are destroyed as a result of the breakdown?

The Westfield Signature Series Hotel Program provides coverages built with your specific needs in mind.

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