Hospitality Insurance


Your hospitality business is focused on serving the needs of your customers. Your insurance coverage must help you continue to serve your customers if you have a loss - and make sure you're back up and running as quickly as possible if the worst happens. You need an insurance policy that has coverages and support specifically designed for a business in the hospitality industry.

If you own a hotel, restaurant or golf course, we have your business covered. Our Signature Series® Hospitality Programs are designed to protect the specific risk exposures of hotels, restaurants or golf courses.

Signature Series Hospitality Program

Protect your hospitality business with a policy that was created by members of your industry. Westfield owns and operates several hospitality facilities, including an inn, restaurants and golf courses, that are held to the same standards of service and excellence that have guided our corporate philosophy since 1848.

The people who run our hospitality operations worked closely with our insurance product experts to develop our hospitality insurance programs. This background lends us great insight in determining the specific insurance needs of a hospitality business. Learn more about Westfield’s hospitality operations – Ohio’s premier destination for golf, dining, entertainment and luxury accommodations.

We took our firsthand experience in the hospitality business and applied it to our extensive insurance knowledge. The result is the Westfield Signature Series Hospitality Programs – our exclusive line of insurance solutions for hospitality businesses.


Our hotel insurance program includes traditional property and liability coverages that every business needs, along with additional coverages tailored specifically to the needs of a hotel.


The restaurant business is complex, and you shouldn't have to explain it to the company providing your insurance coverage. You need an insurance provider with first-hand knowledge of the restaurant business to work with your agent to make sure you're properly covered.

Golf Courses

Trust your golf course insurance to a company that's been in the golf course business for more than 70 years.

Contact an independent agent today to learn more Westfield’s insurance for hospitality. We’re here to help you.

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