Distributors Insurance


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Your distribution company is focused on getting the right products to the right places at the right times. You need an insurance policy focused on providing the right coverages for the right risks for your business. Westfield's Signature Series® Distributor Program is based on our experience of distribution operations and custom-designed for your industry.

Signature Series Distributors Program

With both coverages specifically for distributors and those that any business needs, you gain peace of mind knowing that we are protecting your business, employees and the goods you deliver.

Westfield offers a variety of distributor property, liability and auto coverages, including:
  • Damage to your computers
  • Property belonging to others
  • Property while being transported by carriers you hire
  • Service charges from the fire department
  • Trailers you own that are not permanently attached to your vehicles
  • Water damage you are legally liable for

Food distributors

We also offer a package program specifically designed for food distributors. Learn more about the Westfield Signature Series Food Distributor Package Program – taking your business beyond traditional insurance coverages to meet your unique insurance needs.

What to Consider for Distributors Insurance

  • Are you covered if one of your drivers has an accident while making a delivery?

  • Who pays if a consumer is injured or becomes ill from contact with one of the products you distribute?

  • Will you be able to rebuild your establishment and replace your equipment after a fire?

  • With all of the equipment you depend on to run your business, are you covered for breakdown?

Contact an independent agent today to learn more Westfield’s insurance for distributors. We’re here to help you.

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