Contractors Insurance


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Your construction business is focused on providing the best service to your customers and with that comes inherent risk. You need an insurance policy focused on providing the right coverages for your business. Westfield’s contractors programs are based on our in-depth knowledge of the Construction sector and is custom-designed for to meet your needs.

Signature Series Contractors Program

The Signature Series Contractors Program combines coverages specifically designed for artisan and medium to large size contractors and also includes general coverages needed by all businesses. Westfield offers you the peace of mind you need to know your business is protected.

Westfield offers a variety of specialized property and liability coverages for contractors, including:
  • Automatic status for select additional insureds
  • Employee tools coverage
  • Incidental medical malpractice
  • Knowledge and notice of occurrence
  • Waiver of subrogation

Contractors Package Program

Westfield’s Contractor’s Package Policy provides property and liability coverage in one convenient, affordable policy that can be tailored with optional additional coverages to fit the insurance needs of a variety of contractors.

What to Consider for Contractors Insurance

  • Are you covered if a third party is injured on a job site where you are working?

  • Are your tools and equipment properly protected?

  • In the event of a property claim on a building you are constructing, do you have the necessary builders risk coverage to protect your interests?

  • Are your employees protected if they are injured in the workplace?

Contact an independent agent today to learn more Westfield’s insurance for contractors. We’re here to help you.

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