Business Owner's Insurance Checklist


This list will make it easier to talk to your agent about what insurance you need. Here are some things your agent will need to know:

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General Questions

  • How many years have you owned this business?
  • Do you currently have insurance coverage?
  • What is your Legal Entity status (Corporation, Partnership, etc)?
  • How many locations do you own/occupy?
  • Have you had any claims?
  • Do you have a need for a Personal Lines, Life, or Health Insurance quote?

Property Questions

  • What is the replacement value of your building and/or contents? (How much would it cost to rebuild?)
  • How many square feet do you own or occupy?
  • Is any of the property that you own located off the premises?

General Liability Questions

  • What are your current liability limits?
  • Please describe your operations and answer the question "What do you do?"
  • What are your annual payroll and sales figures?
  • If you are a contractor, do you hire subcontractors to do your work?

Auto Questions

  • What is your current Liability limit? What are your current Uninsured/Underinsured limits?
  • Please have a list of vehicles to be insured under this policy.
  • Is this a complete list of all your owned autos?
  • Please have a list of employees that drive the vehicles listed above.
  • Do you have full coverage on these vehicles and if so, at what deductibles?

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