Insights on Risk Management


Westfield Insurance shared its expertise with the public through a number of articles featured in Smart Business magazine regarding timely risk management issues as they relate to insurance.

Smart Business Magazine Articles

Learn more about our services and tips that Westfield agents and employees have provided through “Insights” articles since 2006.

Articles from 2009:
Don't dial and drive: It's a dangerous combination. (PDF) January 2009

Articles from 2008:
Auto response: How to mitigate accident losses by responding effectively (PDF) January 2008

Ergo economics: How to contain insurance costs by fixing ergonomic problems (PDF) February 2008

Quick returns: How return-to-work programs reduce workers' compensation expense (PDF) March 2008

Risk transfer: How to manage risk through insurance and legal documentation (PDF) April 2008

Knowing your policy: How understanding your policy ensures appropriate coverage and risk management (PDF) May 2008

Paper trail: How certificates of insurance play an important role in risk management (PDF) June 2008

A safe investment: How to minimize commercial vehicle expenses through auto safety innovations (PDF) July 2008

Repair savvy: How setting up a collision repair process can improve profitability (PDF) August 2008

Vehicle maintenance programs: Prevention is still the best medicine (PDF) September 2008

Indirect losses: How dependent property coverage protects business owners (PDF) October 2008

Beyond the unexpected: How a business continuity plan minimizes the impact of a large loss (PDF) November 2008

Surviving the Storms: How to prepare for and respond to catastrophic events (PDF) December 2008

Articles from 2007:
Certificates of insurance: Protection from increased liability (PDF)
Road rules: Avoiding negligent entrustment of company vehicles (PDF)
Don't dial and drive: It's a dangerous combination (PDF)
Know the score: The value of premium value statements (PDF)
Protect your business: Customize BOPs to meet all your insurance needs (PDF)
Multiple Choice: How independent insurance agents help you choose the best business insurance (PDF)
Limiting loss at your doorstep: The role of reinsurance in the insurance industry and how it affects your business (PDF)
Cut Comp Costs: Factors that influence workers' compensation expense (PDF)
Intangible Assets: How business income insurance keeps businesses afloat after a loss (PDF)
Cooked books: How to safeguard against internal theft (PDF)

Articles from 2006:
Intelligent contingencies: Planning and preparing for the unexpected increase your chances of survival (PDF)
Partnerships that work: How to establish and maintain vendor relations(PDF)
Low-risk, high-return investment: Custom risk control service pays off (PDF)
Workers' compensation insurance: Protect your most valuable assets - your employees. (PDF)
A premium audit survival guide: Silencing the roar of a corporate audit. (PDF)
Playing it safe to increase profit: Here's how you can teach supervisors to make safety part of your daily operations. (PDF)
Creating a micro culture: How to align departmental and corporate visions (PDF)
February 2006: Safety first: How to change a business's culture to improve safety (PDF)
Managing the medical cost crisis: A workers' compensation story (PDF) )

*This information is intended as a guideline to be used in conjunction with other risk control resources. It does not represent legal advice and does not amend the terms, conditions or coverage of your insurance policy. This information has been obtained from resources believed to be reliable, but Westfield Insurance cannot guarantee its reliability and does not assume liability for the information or suggestions presented.

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