Mid-size and Large Business


Larger businesses have greater complexities that can increase exposure to risks. Along with your agent, let Westfield take care of your insurance needs so you can concentrate on the success of your business.

Your business insurance team

You'll find the best insurance value comes from a team of experts working together to effectively plan for your insurance needs. Your Westfield policy comes with a collaborative team made up of your independent agent and our underwriting, risk control, claims and billing professionals. This team will work together to manage and minimize your risk exposures. We'll work with you and your agent to make sure you don't overlook coverage areas that are commonly missed.

Risk control services

You'll gain a true partner to identify the specific hazards your business faces and recommend solutions - with results you can measure. By looking at areas you may have more exposure and losses, we can help you take tangible steps to reduce your losses and save your business time and money. Learn more about our risk control resources.

Specialized industries

Package programs are specialized insurance solutions for specific industries. Each program offers specialized coverages and services designed around the unique needs of a business within that industry.

We took our experience as a business owner and applied it to our extensive knowledge of the insurance industry. This unique combination of expertise enabled us to develop “signature” programs that accurately reflect the needs of larger commercial businesses.

Package programs:

Discounts available for home and car insurance

We reward our business insurance customers by helping them save money on personal insurance. Learn more about the Wespak Estate home and auto policy.

Find an agent today to learn more about insuring your business with Westfield. We’re here to help you.

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