Road Safe Teens


Westfield invites your teen driver to a FREE safety program at The Mid-Ohio School

As the official insurance company of The Mid-Ohio School, Westfield is proud to offer Road Safe Teens at The Mid-Ohio School in Lexington, Ohio.

This program is a FREE condensed version of the Honda Teen Defensive Driving program. Road Safe Teens includes all of the drills designed to help teens become better drivers by practicing accident avoidance through skid control, emergency lane change and braking drills with professional drivers.

Parents are encouraged to accompany their child, but will not be permitted to take part in driving exercises. Teens must have a valid driver?s license or permit to participate.

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''I want to tell you how wonderful [Road Safe Teens] was at Mid-Ohio. My daughter has her permit, and she described some of the things they had the kids doing, like flooring it, and swerving, and high-speed lane changes, etc.

Now, after I thought "are they crazy?" we talked about it some more -- about what if feels like when your car is losing its traction, and she said, "and it happened soooo fast".

Score one for Westfield for investing in their future drivers. Score one for Mid-Ohio for putting together a program that really captivated the teenagers' attention.

And a special thanks for opening it up to "friends and family." We signed up Lauren's boyfriend. We figure all too soon, he'll be driving around with our daughter in the passenger seat. This session was good for him as well.
Thanks again to my agent, and please tell Westfield how much customers appreciated this opportunity. ''

-Keith & Lisa Stoner
Customers of Reitler Insurance Agency and Westfield Insurance
Mansfield, Ohio

''... my personal belief is that the typical Driver?s Ed program today does not take kids to the level of driving they need to understand cars reacting on different road conditions, etc.

My first two children attended a supplemental safe driving program. Ironically, I was beginning to look for a special class for my two current teens when the Road Safe Teens postcard arrived in the mail!

We commend you for making this investment and for being proactive about driver education.
Thanks for stepping "out of the box" of what an insurance company is in our minds.

Becky Shotwell
President, Stop-N-Go of Medina, Inc.
Customer of Hunter Insurance Agency and Westfield Insurance

''My daughter really learned some important skills at Road Safe Teens, and the comments I heard from other parents were all positive. Not only were we able to talk about the exercises because I went with her, now I?ll be able to speak first-hand when I share this opportunity with my customers with young drivers.''

Dan Fisk
Agency partner, Kinker-Eveleigh Insurance Agency
Dayton, Ohio

'' My son wasn't sure he wanted to attend Road Safe Teens since he considers himself a good driver. But he came away feeling that it was very worthwhile. He realized the skill and attention it takes to control a car in an emergency situation.''

Elizabeth Starcovic
Customer of Thornburg Insurance Services and Westfield Insurance
Middleburg Heights, Ohio

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