Ford Driving Skills for Life


Through Driving Skills for Life, Westfield is involved to help educate young drivers on the importance of good choices.

Driving Skills for Life is a driver safety initiative from the Ford Motor Company Fund and the Governors' Highway Safety Association. Westfield Insurance joined forces with these organizations three years ago to reach out to thousands of teens through educational programming, Driving Skills for Life curriculum, and Ride and Drive training events.

ATTENTION TWIN CITIES! The next Ride and Drive is coming your way! Click here for full details and to register.

ATTENTION PITTSBURGH! If you tuned-in for Teen Driving: What you need to know on KDKA-TV, give us your feedback and to print off a Driver?s Accident Report to keep in your glove compartment. Click here! - This interactive web site helps educate new drivers through online training and games. Teens can master hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed management and space management skills...and earn points toward possible prizes! Parents can get smart advice to give to their could save lives.

Ride and Drive Training Events

Westfield Insurance customers attend a Ride and Drive in Dearborn, MI

Richard Whitener, of THW Insurance, with Kendell Poole, director of Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Office, and Travis Washay, professional driving instructor, at a Ride and Drive in Nashville, TN

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