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By this time, the "Old Man," fully restored to his original appearance, resumed his role as the trademark for Ohio Farmers Insurance Company.


Acclaimed sculptor Bruce Wilder Saville is commissioned to do a bronze statue of the "Old Man." Standing two feet in height and set on a marble base, this original work, made of plaster and painted in bronze metallic finish, currently resides in the lobby of the Westfield GroupSM Country Club. For more than 60 years, exact replicas of this statue have been presented to agents and employees of the Company with 25 years of continuous service in recognition of their unwavering commitment to the Company.

September 15, 1955

The new Home Office is officially dedicated.

February 13, 1957

The Ohio Farmers Agent Association presents the Company with a bas-relief sculpture of the "Old Man," carved in marble by Cleveland artist Robert Fillous, for placement in the pediment over the entrance of the Company’s new Home Office.


To avoid confusion among different business operations, the Company adopts Ohio Farmers Insurance Group as its communicative name.


The Company adopts the name Westfield Companies to encompass all facets of Westfield’s business.


The community returns to its roots and reverses the decision made 57 years earlier to name the village LeRoy. The Westfield Center village name returns to prominence as it was originally designated in 1826.

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