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Even the strongest emblems and brand identities have suffered at the hands of those who suggested alterations, striving for continuous improvement. The “Old Man” is no exception, having faced and ultimately prevailed over his share of attempts to improve his initial appearance. Some are described here:
  • Within a few years of his initial appearance, the “Old Man” grew a thicker and longer beard, and flowers began to crop up beside his feet.
  • In 1885, a formal necktie appeared around the neck of the “Old Man,” an alteration that was completely out of character for an image of a working farmer.
  • His New England attire and pensive look had once been abandoned for a look that was unmistakably one of a smiling Irishman.
  • In 1898 – marking the Company’s 50th anniversary – an image of the “Old Man” not only had him off his fence, but taken indoors, where his hat was removed and he was given a gray-haired wife.
  • One year later in 1899, the “Old Man” returned to the outdoors – but not to his usual position. To borrow from the mood of the day, the “Old Man” was standing, holding an American flag in an image entitled “Spirit of ’98” – a patriotic update on the famous “Spirit of 76”.
The “Old Man” had little resemblance to the man who once sat quietly on the fence, now more elegantly dressed wearing a necktie, striped pants, and holding (not wearing) a more fashionable hat in an outstretched hand. Perhaps having seen the “Old Man” wander too far from his origins, and with concern of losing a good corporate symbol, the “Old Man” gradually began a return to his former image.


After 88 years of dual identity as LeRoy and Westfield Center, the village is officially incorporated as LeRoy, Ohio.

Timeline:  1820-1851    1848-1879    1879-1920    1920-1971    1973-1995    1998-2006    2007-Present
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